Tuesday, February 18, 2014


My girl is 3. Wow - how did that happen?!
This photo montage of Lucy over the past year is not for the faint of heart...lots of photos in here. But really, you should all do one of these of your own kids (whether you post it or not) because seeing all these pics reminded me what an amazing year we had. So many fun memories recorded, smiles, laughs, special moments and visits to places we love. This was a very good and helpful thing for me to do today as I'm in the thick of sickness and being cooped up on these frigid days, feeling overwhelmed and like a bad mother who plays too many videos because we are all out of creative ideas. Seeing this year in review was good for my soul and makes me so very excited for spring and all that will come in the year ahead for us all and for my precious girl.
Lucy is so full of life and joy. She loves princesses and purple, dresses and lip gloss. She loves swimming, visiting her grandparents, going to the arboretum and monkey joe's. Can't imagine our family without this girl. Lucy Joy - your name couldn't describe you any better, for you are our Bright Joy.

Photo: Ready for the snow. Poor Noah in pink pants... :)

Photo: Snow fort: momma and Lucy

Photo: She said her girls are all ready for dance class (with Angelina ballerina) :)

Had to add in one of these....feels like this was just yesterday (or asterday as my girl says...)


  1. I can feel her joy all the way in Oklahoma! She's always got the biggest smile with the brightest eyes! You have a girl that is excited about life :) So precious!