Thursday, February 27, 2014


I am becoming my mother!! My mom and I would match in Easter dresses as late as elementary school and I was not thrilled, you can imagine that our Easter pictures weren't always great when I was frowning.....but sure enough, I have been blessed with having a girl of my own and all I want to do is find ways to match with her!! So since a few people have asked about where I get these items (So maybe I'm not alone in the desire to match my daughter?!) - the leggings are both from White Plum Boutique BUT I waited and timed it just right where I was able to order them both about 50% off from the online clearance etsy/boutique shop called Jane.
We have only worn them once and had a lot of people ask about them online and in person, so that was fun and did make me feel like I'm not crazy..... :) :)

These dresses were from Zulily  and I'm glad I ordered them because I'm not finding many mother-daughter dresses anywhere that I shop! This brand, Nouvelle is actually on Zulily right now but I'm not loving their options, but I'll check back from time to time :)

See maybe Lucy will never think I'm weird for matching us together - see she loves matching her dolls - what's the difference?! :) (she may feel differently in 5 years, but we will see.)

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