Thursday, March 20, 2014

1.5 and 3 Stats

Lucy Joy is 29 lbs - 40% for weight which is by far the highest percentile she has ever been close to for this category, yay!! 72% for height - always been around this percentile. She got one shot because she was one behind for one of the Hep shots and she was really brave, just cried a little right away and then was good to go. I attribute this to her watching the Daniel Tiger/Lily going to the Dr. episode like 50 times....who says TV shows are bad?! :) :)

Noah Joseph is 23lbs and still around 12% for weight - shocking, I know. He looks big and normal to me?! He is 40% for height. He had no shots - hooray! And he did really well. Having them in the appt together ended up being really helpful because having each other made them more comfortable and the Dr. had Lucy help him with the tools before he would check Noah and that seemed to really put her at ease for when it was her turn. It was also super helpful to have my Mother-in-law along. She was great with the kiddos when I needed to talk one-on-one with the Dr. and it's just always nice to have her along for help and reassurance.

Here's a few pics of my 3 year old and 18 month old - how are they getting SO big?! Slow down kiddos!!

Photo: Her face!

Photo: Lots of hugs and kisses today

Photo: Yesterday

Photo: Outside today :)


  1. aw, love it!! glad things are going well - super great kids you have there! always so nice to have help at doc appts! :)