Thursday, March 27, 2014


OK - got a little carried away but here is my girl with her bestie (Ruby) since in the womb?? Just love this girl, her mama and all of them. So thankful we met them 6 years ago and got to work in the youth group with them for 5 and now to be raising families together. Such a blessing!!

Lucy & Ruby (Age 3)

Age 2

Halloween 2012 age 2 and 20 months

At the Zoo the week Noah was born - Ruby's 2nd bday and Lucy is 18 months

OHHH that face?!?!?!? :)

Ruby 22 months and Lucy 16 months

tough one....Lucy 4 months and Ruby 10 months??

Lucy's dedication day - Mother's Day 2011 - Lucy 3 months and Ruby 9 months

Tummy pic #2

Very first pic of Ru & Lu in our tummies at summer camp - and I didn't even know it yet!!

Thankful for this family and for our friendship!!!

The next up and coming BFF's?!?!?!  :) :)

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