Sunday, March 16, 2014


To see or not to see?
Is Frozen ok for a just-turned-three year old?
Are there scary parts or elements that would be not good for her - anyone have thoughts on that?!
All I've heard are good things so I almost took L to see it in the theatre but wasn't able to and thought I'd ask first.....

UPDATE: I bought the DVD for our first long road trip - excited to watch it!!


  1. thatcher liked it, and he is scared of everything :)

  2. Such a huge fan of this movie... There's not a traditional "villain" as most Disney movies have, and not to spoil it but the romance side story stays just that... A side story. The true love kiss at the end that saves the day is between sisters, not a girl and the boy she loves! I mean, come on. This movie has all the moms I know wrapped around it's finger. And obv the soundtrack is great (although I'm a little tired of it). ;) I think L would love it!

  3. THanks!!! I just saw a little of it in the background while at a friend's house and it looked Great and L seemed into it (although as always she was petrified of the previews thinking she would be Gru from Despicable Me :) :))