Tuesday, December 21, 2010

29 weeks

29 Week update:

How am I feeling? Pretty good. Getting slower in movement, harder to get out of bed, legs are always on the verge of cramping in bed and can't see the lower half of my body well at all. but comes with the territory, eh?

Movement: Lots of movement - always like when Joe can feel him or her moving - usually before bed.

Doctor’s Appointment? Next appt is Jan. 3, then I'll start going every 2 weeks, and then every 1 week - wow!

Sleep? Still not sleeping as well as I would like, but doing ok. Looking forward to Christmas break to catch up a little.

Weight Gain? Not sure!

Baby Preparation? Put up the canopy that I have loved for the last 2 years and I think it looks really cute above the crib. Definitely hard to prepare when we don't know the gender, but we've been talking through shower dates and plans, so that has been exciting!!

Likes/Dislikes? Been getting more heartburn, but it's not too bad. Been eating a lot of grapefruit, OJ, ham and Christmas cookies and sweets....

Milestones: Baby is around 2.5 lbs and 15 inches long. wow! And I think he or she is very strong based on how hard I'm being kicked everyday!

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