Wednesday, December 1, 2010

House - Thanksgiving Weekend Part 1

Lots of hard work was accomplished this past weekend by my parents, Joe and I. Dad and Joe worked the hardest physically, but Mom and I were also exhausted - we picked up LOTS of furniture, shopped, cooked, cleaned, moved things around for rooms to be painted. A room would be in pretty good shape and then suddenly be totally demolished to be painted....oh well, that's how it goes. I'm just glad it was all painted! We are SO happy with it.
Picking colors was not so easy. I am SO indecisive lately...So Friday was paint day and had to make some fast decisions. Joe and I agreed on it all and just went with it. Kitchen - blue, Living/Dining - Beige, Den - Brown/Green/Gray color, Bedroom - pale green. Pale green was the baby's room color, so now we are waiting on that one till we decide :) Or we can just leave it cream colored!
Here's a peek into the work: P.s. warning that I didn't sleep well all weekend - was sick with a cold and so that is why I look tired and haggard (sp?) in every photo. SORRY! :)
Photos from my Dad - will post mine later...

Photos around the house:

Dining Room - new table from Crate and Barrel Outlet - was a steal!

Hall from Baby's room to living room:

Living/Dining Room



Eating meals together:


  1. yay! I love it! It looks great..visitors allowed right?

  2. awww looks so cute..cant wait to see it in real life.

  3. Yes - many visitors allowed and welcome!!!!! :) :)

  4. Looks great! Can't wait to see it in person!

  5. cute!!!! i'm so jealous you have a basement!!!! that's the one thing i wish houses around here had...

  6. So adorable! Love the paint colors! Looks awesome, Rachel! :)

  7. The house looks sooo good!!! I love all the colors you chose. We went with a blue in our kitchen and I've loved it. :) So looking forward to coming over during Christmas!!

  8. looks cute, Rach! Fun seeing your dad working there with Joe...I wish I could've joined you guys! I LOVE to paint!