Friday, December 3, 2010

Baby and me at 26/27 weeks!

We were able to get a free ultrasound at a new pregnancy clinic in St. Charles that Rachel Brooke told me about. It was very fun! They were practicing on me basically, measuring different body parts and then Joe and I got to see everything when they were done. Baby was head down and face up - so again it was hard to get good face and profile print outs, but we got to see so much of the sweet face on screen. It was awesome!! So here is a labeled picture from that. The tip of the nose is pointing straight at the word Mouth :) (Click on picture to enlarge it)
Then the other pics are from the weekend that Mom and Dad were here!

Me at 26 weeks

Yes, he's almost dropping me, yes, I'm heavy...


27 Week update:

How am I feeling? Good! still congested from a cold at thanksgiving or maybe this is just life - allergies and colds since end of August....

Movement: Crazy movement all the time. Day, night, waking me up in the morning and sometimes in the night :) I'm a light sleeper and he or she is quite the mover. Especially if I roll over at night. Seems like always moving when I'm sitting somewhere where I need to be paying attention, i.e. church, marriage builders, a work meeting...And I'm always poking joe and telling him to watch, but he's better at focusing than me so he'll glance and then keep listening...

Doctor’s Appointment? Yes - 3 appts yesterday. Regular check up and all was well, "strong heart beat and good acceleration" was what I was told (?)
Then glucose/diabetes test where I had to drink sweet Hi-C type drink, wait there for an hour and then they drew 5 vials of blood.
Then my free Ultrasound! That was a fun one!!

Workouts? I should just take this out of the questionnaire...

Sleep? Not sleeping well over Thanksgiving with the cold and congestion that I had, but it's been getting better and better since the weekend. And I sleep now with a humidifer in my face :)

Weight Gain? Maybe around 15 lbs?

Baby Preparation? Joe set up the little ones room since we had the furniture sitting in there - nothing set in stone position wise, but it's a small room and we don't have many layout options! Just fun to go in there and dream though!

Likes/Dislikes? Need to avoid anything spicy - started getting heartburn. but other than that I like all things :)

Milestones: Baby is almost 2 lbs and 14.5 inches. CRAZY!!

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  1. Love these pics, Rach! The ultrasound pictures are so great! Can't believe your baby is over 2 pounds already. You're getting so close! And you're almost in your last trimester! Talk about not being able to sleep....:)