Monday, July 2, 2012

31 week update

How far along: 31 weeks - how is this possible?!? Was 29 weeks at my appointment (I think)

Total weight gain: 11 pounds, baby's heartbeat was 160

Best moments this month: Love how much the baby moves except that it actually hurts lately, strong little baby in there & can tell he or she is getting much bigger!

Food cravings: fruit, ice cream, sweet pickles

Gender: Don't know!

Belly button in or out: poking out a little, eeks!

Labor signs: think the braxton hicks have started minorly

What I miss: I feel HUGE lately and feel extra tired and sore in this heat and with doing lots of walking at summer camp plus chasing Lucy around. hopefully I will feel more like myself again in the fall!

What I am looking forward to: Getting really excited to meet this little one and to know if it's a he or she!

Milestones: Can't believe there's about 2 months to go - it's gone so fast! Thankful to be this close and that the baby has been healthy.

Photo updates:
26 weeks

27 weeks

28 weeks

 30 weeks

31 weeks

Getting there!!!!

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