Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Life as a Thrifter"

First of all, you should certainly check out and or follow this blog.

Look at this dining room - lovely.

Here are two posts I just love - I'm still exploring the site, but so far I love it all! Look at this post she found and reposted, isn't this the cutest thing?? Ahhhh, inspiring blogs and pinterest - such great ideas and so little time and energy to do them :)


No sew banner, because lets face it....I do not sew. sadly.

Ahhhh, love this!

Spray painting furniture?!?! Might need to do that on our couch & chair from Jubilee! :)

Sorry can't get enough of these ideas..........

And LOVE this gal's bedroom. Definitely my dream room - cute, homey and mostly thrifted or made
(and her frame wall cost almost nothing, all from goodwill I think - she did a seperate post on it.)

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