Tuesday, January 4, 2011

31 weeks in 2011!

Happy New Year!

Wow - lots to be thankful for in 2011 and here are some goals I have thought up, inspired by my husband and another blogger :)
1. Learn to be creative with my times in the Word and in prayer because I know I will need to be fully dedicated and disciplined in this when the little one comes
2. Be more organized. This is just an overall all and in everything goal.
3. Spend less on groceries by wasting less, using what I already have on hand, taking better inventory BEFORE going to the store and being more simple.
4. Be more intentional with meeting with girls in the youth group and women my age who need encouragement or who will encourage me!
Ok - it's just the start of my list, because by the time april and may come, I may have some big diet and exercise goals, especially since I'm in Sissy's wedding on June 19 - eeks!

31 Week update:

How am I feeling? Congested with a cold, feeling slower, clumsier and have been waddling on and off now depending on if I have pelvic pressure and am uncomfortable or not...Also have had Braxton Hicks contractions for some weeks now.

Movement: Lots of movement - very hard kicks and jabs. ouch. especially before bed and early in the a.m.

Doctor’s Appointment? Just had my last monthly appt. Heartbeat was 140, measured 31.5 inches on my belly - everything is looking good, thank you Lord!

Sleep? Doing the best I can. Hard to sleep when congested, but trying!

Weight Gain? 18 pounds

Baby Preparation? Bought baby a rug at Land of Nod outlet, all my shower dates are set, so much more to come in the next month!
Oh and we picked out letters (A-Z) at Hobby Lobby and spray painted them red, blue, green and orange!

Likes/Dislikes? Been liking pretty much everything :) Especially snack pack jello!

Milestones: Baby is around 3.5 lbs and 16 inches long. Baby can turn it's head from side to side and he or she is about to have a big growth spurt including gaining some fat under the skin, maybe it can take some of mine :)


  1. You look so cute! You are getting so close. We will be praying for your home stretch!

  2. cute dress! You look fabulous! and only 18 lbs?! I think at about 20 weeks I had gained 18 lbs...can't wait for your shower!!

  3. you look so good :)

    i wish that baby weight would just fall off once the baby is out. and (of course) nothing is the way it was before baby. i'm sure you'll look amazing right away ;)

  4. glad you fun some letters you like...how fun! looking forward to seeing you again soon...cutie!

  5. Loved this blog update, Rachel! Getting so excited for you! Love the letter idea. Oh, and the organizing! ;) By the way, I love that dress. You look so cute! :)

  6. ahhh, new years resolutions. Steve and I had many at the Trump Tower...whaaat?!?! Yes we sure will eat your free sample desserts :) I am so excited for your little one sis!!