Friday, January 21, 2011

"How do you Change a Diaper?"

Since Joe has never changed a diaper before, I asked him this question and here was his response:

"You unlock the diaper, take it off, wipe them with a napkin and put on a new one. Oh and without getting peed on."

I love him so much! Can't wait to begin this crazy journey together!!! :)


  1. Ha, ha, ha, ha!!! I laughed so hard at this! "Unlock?" Hilarious. :)

  2. Bahaha. Definitely made me laugh out loud. He'll get the hang of it really fast:) Josh's first diaper change was a disaster. Rudy had meconium all over his feet and up the back of his legs. My epidural hadn't worn completely off yet so all I could do was sit and laugh.

  3. That is really funny! I can totally see him saying this. I love that he said "unlock" and "napkin"! Not exactly the right terms, but he has a pretty good understanding!

  4. Oh, Rachel... That was great! You are both going to learn so much together! Isn't it so exciting to be able to start this next journey of our lives with our wonderful Husbands and Best Friends??? Hope you are having a great weekend. Go Bears!