Friday, March 9, 2012

Our little one year old.....

Here is a photo update of the month leading up to Lucy turning one year old!

Her Favorites:
Looking out windows
Pointing to pictures or paintings on the wall
Still loves looking at pics/videos of herself on the ipod or looking in the mirror and giving herself kisses
Playdates with friends - she loves watching other kiddos play and squeals when she sees anyone under the age of 15 in the store or anywhere :)
Having Grammy and Pop Pop time almost every wednesday
Facetiming with Grandpa and Grandma in Michigan
Being read to and paging through book after book with us or on her own - she's a book worm!
Baby dolls, hugging them and kissing them

Her skills:
blowing kisses
high fives
nodding and shaking her head (she prefers no to yes....)
crawling very fast
cruising along the furniture
standing without help
babbling - saying Mama and Dada a lot and tilting her head down and throwing it back to say "BA!" - not sure how that one started... :)
being silly in her crib - falling down and playing games when I say "Come to mama" :)
doing peek-a-boo with a blanket
She just took a step on March 5!! this is a big deal since we have such a timid girl on our hands!!

OK - on to the photos:


  1. Love love love love love!!!! :) She's such a doll and growing so fast! Yay for taking a step! She's making great progress - can't wait to fully catch up with you this week! [hug}

  2. You forgot one update: crying every time she sees aunt sissy :) haha, i love the mmmBA!!