Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Patio Help

I need help!!!!!
How to you turn a cement slab into a true patio that's charming, cozy and inviting without spending a fortune???
How do you turn this:

Into This:

I did find this on walmart.com for $300 and thought it might be a good start??

OK - I realize the answer to my question might be, "it's impossible," but if you have any suggestions, ideas or helpful tips of things you did, please let me know. We can use all the help we can get!
I'm doing another garden this year and Lucy will be running around soon and I'd really love to create a space outside that we can enjoy morning, afternoon and evening.


  1. We got a great table like that off of craigslist for 100 and then I found my own cushions at TJ Maxx for 8 a piece. So we saved money there. You could find barrel planters and put a few around the edge of the cement and they would make things look cozier! totally can make it a cool setting

  2. LOL - that's funny cuz I was really tempted to say "it's not possible to make it quite like that cheaply!" Haha!
    But seriously, if you find inexpensive patio furniture, buy some nice planters to put up around the edges of the concrete, replace the grass with some nice hostas, add some mulch around or some rocks, and keep in mind that you don't live in as mild of a climate as shown in many of those pics. You have to keep winter, storms, rain, and hail possibilities in mind as you redo it.
    I'd love to help sometime! :) Monica would be a great resource too!!
    Enjoy it and have fun!

  3. I would keep on eye on craigslist or spring garage sales. If you have a smartphone there are some great yard sale/garage sale apps that tell you where to go. Good luck! Looking forward to the "after" pictures.