Tuesday, March 6, 2012

These are a few of my favorite Things!

Ok - so here's a list of some things I am currently loving. Feel free to comment with some of your favorites - always looking for a good deal or a great new product to try!

1. Sound of Music
Hey, if I'm going to quote the movie in my title, I better say that I love it. And I do. And I want Lucy to love it too....We have been watching it in increments, although I watch it more than her. She does love the scenes that the kids are in :)

2. Caldrea Countertop Sprays
They smell amazing, makes me want to clean more things and more often. Wow - never thought I'd say that. But it's true, the sprays clean and totally refresh a room immediately! I have gotten different scents on clearance at TJ Maxx and target. Target carries these regularly, although it seems like one of my favorite scents is discontinued, but so far I've loved all that I've tried.

3. TJ Maxx Sunglasses
Ok, there's a lot to love from TJ, but my most recent find was $3.99 sunglasses - american eagle brand. So I bought several, since I can never decide. I always need other's input on how they look on me :) But really, with how much I drop, temporarily lose, scratch, etc...my sunglasses, you just can't go wrong with cute pairs for $3.99.

4. Dry Shampoo
I posted about this earlier and was thankful for the feedback I got. So far suave has been working great for me and the bottle is still going. I also bought Dove brand to try. Since I'm a greasy hair girl basically all the time unless I JUST showered (frustrating...), it's really nice to have on hand and I use it quite often.

5. Magazines
With Lucy not napping as long as when she was younger, I find it hard to steal away quiet moments with a good mag and a cup of coffee, but still hoping this will happen in the months/years (?) ahead :) I currently get Real Simple, Family Circle and Country Living and I really do love them all. Real Simple - like their fashion pages, tips and product and book suggestions, Family Circle - like their recipes and beauty product pages (though they have changed them lately :( ), and Country Living - I just like the whole style of the magazine, the home ideas and the style of everything in it! Any mags you guys would recommend??

6. Starbucks dates
Joe, Lucy and I have been going on a.m. dates to starbucks every wednesday morning. And since I always seem to get starbucks coffee for brewing at home on sale at Dominicks or at TJ Maxx or Home Goods for around $5.99, I always have a plethora of bags around that I can take in for free cups of coffee. Along with being a Gold card member where I seem to earn free drinks and always have free refills which is lovely.

7. Pinterest
Ok, still love pinterest, though I'm not on it TOO often :)
Still getting fun home ideas, recipes, gardening tips, fashion and style looks to copy, etc.
I'm assuming most of you have joined, but if not, you should definitely get on that train and follow people whose styles and tastes are similar to yours and I guarantee you will find lots of fun ideas for your home, style, dinners, and much, much more...

8. Lydia Brownback Devotional books
So I already loved her devo books - I have only read Trust and Contentment, but plan on reading Joy and Purity soon...But Lydia spoke at a girl's retreat for our youth group girls in February that I helped plan and I just love her all the more. She's so real and relate-able and she impacted our girls (and all of us) SO much in the couple of hours she spent with them. Thankful for her and her ministry!

9. Savers
So I originally thought this was a grocery store but have now realized that it's a sweet and huge thrift store like goodwill but nicer. I went to the naperville location twice and have gotten some GREAT deals! Like brand new Merrell shoes for Lucy and brand new pink converse for me - sweet! They have a ton - it's fun to look through it all and find some jems and mondays are additional 20% off, score!!

10. Nail polish & makeup on clearance
I've been big time hitting the jackpot at walgreens, target & ulta for clearance hair products, nail polish, make up, etc. And I love getting stuff like this cheap-o because it's fun to try new things - like the clearance nail polish. Hey, $3.99 or $4.99 for essie or OPI is a deal, so it's fun to try different colors and take a risk without spending $9-10 on a bottle. And sinful and sallie hansen brands at walgreens are only $1.99 and they had had some great colors lately too.

K that's all the time I have for now, thanks for reading!!! :)


  1. I will be going to TJ Maxx in search of sunglasses ASAP...thanks for the heads up!

  2. I love that you are watching Sound of Music with Lucy:)

  3. Fun! I'm going to have to look for that cleaner- sounds great! And I want to go to Savers with you- I don't even know where one is.

  4. what is this bringing in bags to starbucks for free drinks madness?!?!?

  5. Most bags you buy at the grocery store or tj Maxx etc say on the side of the bag to bring it in to Starbucks for a free coffee! Yay!

  6. This is so great! That cleaner sounds amazing, I'm going to have to look for some of that. I'm a TJ Maxx moron - I'm not even sure I've been in one! Just haven't. But that 2nd pair of shades looks just like mine so I'm going to seriously have to go there, that's way cheaper than what I've found. Pinterest... oh wow Pinterest... it took me so long to get on board and now I'm addicted, but I have got to start actually doing the stuff on there instead of just pinning. *sigh* maybe someday. ;) I couldn't help but share what you said about Lydia's books and she was SO touched!! What a blessing. I've never heard of Savers before but it sounds great! Thanks for sharing all of this!

  7. Rochelle - let me know if you need a shopping buddy, will go with you anytime!!

  8. You'll have to paint my nails asap and also i want to borrow your real simple magazines sometime!